How to get from Kuala Lumpur to ICC in Ipoh

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Getting to Ipoh from Kuala Lumpur is relatively easy thanks to well-paved roads and highways, as well as a number of public transport options in the Malaysian capital. Located in Perak, the quaint town of Ipoh attracts locals and travellers alike for its relatively traditional setting of antiquated shophouses, colonial structures and unique cave temples.

The Old Town is where you can find pop-up stalls selling a variety of souvenirs and snacks, while breathtaking street art by Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic and Malaysian muralist Eric Lai can be spotted all over the town. Of course, no trip to Ipoh is complete without savouring authentic Chinese hawker fare and white coffee, which are served at traditional kopitiam (coffee shops).

Trains to Ipoh

Ipoh is connected to Kuala Lumpur by an efficient railway line called Electric Train Service (ETS), which departs from KL Sentral on a daily basis. Ideal if you’re not keen on driving and getting stuck in traffic, there are three options available at different price points due to the number of stops between Ipoh and KL. Do note that tickets tend to run out quickly during important holidays and weekends, so be sure to book well in advance.

Priced at RM46 for adults and RM27 for children, Platinum Service is the priciest train, but the journey takes only two hours and 15 minutes, stopping at KL Sentral, Kuala Lumpur, Batu Gajah and Ipoh Railway Station. The Gold Service train takes about two hours and 20 minutes to reach Ipoh, with fares priced at RM35 and RM22, while the Silver Service train stops at every station between KL Sentral and Ipoh (taking two hours and 30 minutes), with tickets costing RM25 and RM17, respectively.

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Buses to Ipoh

Travelling by bus is a cost-effective way of getting between Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh. The departure point in Kuala Lumpur varies depending on the bus chosen. If you’re in the KL City Centre, we highly advice taking a bus from the Pudu Sentral Bus Terminal. Buses depart as early as 04:15 daily at 30-minute intervals, with one-way tickets typically priced at RM20 upwards.

The journey between KL and Ipod takes at least two hours, depending on traffic. You can also request for the driver to stop at rest stations along the way as most buses aren’t fitted with toilets.

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Driving to Ipoh

If you’re driving to Ipoh, it takes approximately three hours from Kuala Lumpur City Centre via the North-South Expressway. Having a car removes the hassle of getting around Ipoh using public transport, as well as to the numerous cave temples and historical sites are located outside the main town.

Driving allows plenty of flexibility as you can travel according to your own pace and time. You can also stop at small towns between Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh, particularly Bidor in Perak. While not known for sightseeing, the quaint town attracts plenty of visitors looking to savour duck noodles and baked pastries at Pun Chun Restaurant, located along Jalan Besar.

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Flying into Ipoh

There are now flights into Ipoh. If you are departing from Kuala Lumpur/Petaling Jaya, =you can choose to depart from either airport:  SZB (Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport) or KLIA2 (Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2).

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